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So I used to bitch about making my bed, and I have a lot of sympathy for the argument of “no one sees but me and I have to undo it.”
A couple years ago before I discovered UfYH and their very compelling “Why Make Your Bed" page, which I wish I’d found earlier, I came to a realization:

I live alone and go out with friends, they don’t come here. No one sees my piles of laundry, disorganized cabinets, piles of dishes, or dirty carpets either, and if I clean I have to undo those every time I get dressed or buy a lot of groceries or cook something intensive or eat a big meal or come in from a rainy day.

So I decided to just try it. Just to see what attempting to maintain one tiny habit of cleanliness, the easiest possible one, would do to my routine.

What happened?

No, things didn’t change overnight, but I can pinpoint that day as the day I started getting cleaner overall, and started living like a grown-up. Now I live with someone and whenever he comes into my room to a made bed (because I don’t make it every day, although I do usually) he always comments how nice my room looks.

It’s not for him, of course—it’s for me. My room does look nicer with a made bed. Your bed is most of your room so if it’s clean you don’t just get a nicer looking room, you also get (in addition to UfYH’s reasons):

  •  to see the other messes more easily to clean them up
  •  motivation to wash your sheets and whatnot more frequently
  • an argument against lying down “for just a minute” under the covers and waking up three hours later (this is me. I sleep more than anyone ever ought to. I also make my bed after naps.)
  • a habit. Habits are good. Habits are my downfall. I have to form habits a little at a time and even silly perfunctory ones like making the bed are helpful. My latest is keeping my desk clear every night, and wiping down my sink every morning. Just a couple of minutes I add, and the entire house looks nicer.

So yeah, making your bed isn’t for everyone, or whatever. I get that, I really do. My boyfriend doesn’t make his. But if you’re in the midst of trying to unfuck your life, it’s worth considering as a springboard: one tiny thing you can do every day, a habit, that makes your entire space less insane and makes you feel more productive, for the effort of spreading a comforter over the bed and arranging a couple of pillows. I recommend it. I really do. And this is from a former hater.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I must go make my bed.


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